spam-based generative wallpaper

1wallpaper Spamghetto: roll
2wallpaper Spamghetto: generated
3wallpaper Spamghetto: different pattern
4wallpaper Spamghetto: best quality
5wallpaper Spamghetto: green

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Roll Generative Different pattern Best quality Green

1 Spamghetto, spam-based wallpaper.

This is what happens when spam dies and goes to heaven.

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2 Spamghetto is generated not made.

We use generative software: technology doesn't have to be cookie-cutter.

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3 Spamghetto comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can have it the way you like it – we won't judge.

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4 Spamghetto is superior grade food for thought.

An award-winning pattern. Italian design, European manufacture, digitally printed just for you.

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5 Spamghetto wants to live forever.

Its FSC-certified, non-woven fleece is made to last.

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Spamghetto is the inappropriate, intriguing, irresistible spam-based wall covering that turns the bad ideas flooding your inbox into patterns of insight into the human nature.

Have fun with comically misspelled offers of love and enthusiastic advice on how to get rich, fast: let our custom generative software weave them all into something very, very different from your grandma's wallpaper.

Quit sweeping it under the carpet and start showing it off on your walls.

Generated, not made.

We don't draw Spamghetto by hand. Our generative software is the one creating its mesmerizing, subtly offbeat digital patterns in which one thing leads to the other in a compelling, unique design.

Different shapes and sizes.

You can choose between various styles according to your taste, with thin or chunky strands forming different patterns. Spamghetto can be as understated or as grandiose as you like. Check out our Gallery.

Superior grade food for thought.

Spamghetto is not just pretty paper – it's an award-winning wall covering created by Italian designers and printed in Europe with most advanced digital technology. We think it will make you happy, especially if you like making your guests jealous. And every project is digitally printed just for you: no batches lingering in our warehouse, just fresh ideas ready to order.

Spamghetto wants to live forever.

We print Spamghetto on non-woven fleece made with FSC-certified cellulose. It is flame resistant and steam-permeable, which means it goes on smooth, doesn't shrink, expand or slide. It's so durable you might even be able to reuse it.

Spamghetto comes out in different sizes



  • Silver Award - European Design Award 2010



  • "Design Crisis" - Salone del Mobile 2009, Milano
  • "International Poster and Graphic Design Festival" - 2010 Chaumont, France
  • "100% Design" - 2010 London
  • "Operae: Mostra Mercato del Design Autoprodotto" - 2010 Turin
about ToDo

About the designers.

We do generative design, digital fabrication, non-standard aesthetics. We set up play dates between code and craft. We accelerate development cycles. We produce unique, one-time products. We are ToDo, a next-gen design studio based in Italy, at the corner of future and now.
That's where Spamghetto comes from, and where we hope it will grow with our upcoming product family, Better Nouveau.